Our Birth Story Part I

I walked into the doctor’s office for one of my routine weekly third trimester appointment. Before I could settle into the waiting room with my book, I was called back. The nurse took my vitals and shuffled me into the exam room to wait for my doctor.

“I’ll need to induce you this week.” Those were not the words I was expecting to hear, but I trusted that my doctor knew what was best for my baby and I. That week, my blood pressure was a tad higher than normal and my swelling was worse than it had been throughout my entire pregnancy. My doctor let me know that someone from the hospital would be calling me to schedule my induction for later that week. After the appointment, I called my husband to let him know that baby would be here as early as Good Friday. Filled with both excitement and anxiety, we both couldn’t believe that baby would be here in just a few days.

I made my way back to the office and alerted my colleagues that my maternity leave would be starting a few days earlier than originally planned. As 6:00 PM rolled around, I packed up my things and left the office for the last time until July.

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