Our Birth Story Part II

In part one of our birth story, I shared that I went to my routine OB appointment only to learn that I would be induced one week early due to complications from hypertension. Here’s part two: 

Fast forward to Thursday – the day of my induction. My husband and I showed up to the hospital around 4:00 PM eager to begin the process that would eventually lead us to meet our son. After a few minutes in the waiting room, we were taken back to labor and delivery. Around 4:30 PM, my doctor began the induction process with my first dose of Cytotec. It took about three more doses before I began to feel any real contractions. Around 10:00 PM, I began to feel consistent contractions mostly in my lower back. The nurses encouraged us to get some rest because this process was going to be long and grueling. We turned the lights down and tried our best to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up to even stronger contractions and the nurse suggested that I get the epidural now while I could still comfortably hold still. Around 4:30 AM, the anesthesiologist came to administer the epidural and the nurse started me on pitocin.

I dozed off again and woke up around 7:30 AM to nearly the entire labor and delivery staff in our room hovering over the fetal heart rate monitors. Our assigned nurse and L & D head nurse calmly told my husband and I that the pitocin was placing stress on our baby and that we would most likely need to deliver the baby via c-section. Around 7:45, my doctor came in for one last cervical check and confirmed that I would undergo a c-section.

The nurses began to prepare us for surgery and I was wheeled into the OR around 8:05 AM. At 8:24 AM, I heard the first cries our baby as he was shuffled out of the room to be weighed and cleaned up. After 14 hours, I couldn’t believe our baby was finally here and ready to live life in this world.

We feel so fortunate for the caring labor and deliver nurses who helped us deliver our son. Our birth story did not go according to plan, but all that matters is the outcome – a healthy and happy baby boy.

Our Birth Story Part I

I walked into the doctor’s office for one of my routine weekly third trimester appointment. Before I could settle into the waiting room with my book, I was called back. The nurse took my vitals and shuffled me into the exam room to wait for my doctor.

“I’ll need to induce you this week.” Those were not the words I was expecting to hear, but I trusted that my doctor knew what was best for my baby and I. That week, my blood pressure was a tad higher than normal and my swelling was worse than it had been throughout my entire pregnancy. My doctor let me know that someone from the hospital would be calling me to schedule my induction for later that week. After the appointment, I called my husband to let him know that baby would be here as early as Good Friday. Filled with both excitement and anxiety, we both couldn’t believe that baby would be here in just a few days.

I made my way back to the office and alerted my colleagues that my maternity leave would be starting a few days earlier than originally planned. As 6:00 PM rolled around, I packed up my things and left the office for the last time until July.

The Journey Begins

“Lord, if this is in your will – I am ready,” I prayed as I sat in the bathroom waiting for the test to confirm if our lives will be forever changed nine months from now. After five minutes, I flipped the test over and saw: “Pregnant.”

Fast forward nine months and here we are with our newborn trying to navigate our new lives as a family of three. For years I have thought about starting a blog as a way to process the clutter in my brain, but never felt I had anything interesting to share. Since becoming a mom, I’ve felt this renewed sense of purpose as I navigate what this new role means to me. As a someone who used to meticulously plan out their days, motherhood has forced me to pause and be present to my son. I’m not really sure where this blog will go, but I hope it can be a place where I can share honestly about my struggles and wins within motherhood and my faith life. Thanks for joining me on this journey.